A Message From Mike:

After more than 30 years in the sport of soccer as a youth player, professional player, soccer parent and professional coach, I’ve accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experiences which I would like to share with others to make the beautiful game more enjoyable for all types of soccer enthusiasts. Whether you are a youth coach looking for fresh ideas, a soccer parent trying to better understand the rules and finer points, a youth or adult player trying to become a better player, a pro or college player looking for mentoring or a soccer administrator looking for ways to improve your soccer program, I offer services that will enhance your soccer experience.


Are you looking for...


soccer ball A fresh approach to understanding the game of soccer and how it fits in with your lives?

soccer ball Information to help you better facilitate, support and maximize your child's soccer experience?

soccer ball Help to avoid the trial and error approach that most parents wade through as they try to guide their kids through youth soccer?

soccer ball Objective feedback in the development of the youth player, college, or young pro player?

soccer ball Intelligent soccer information to help adults better enjoy the many hours and dollars spent at the soccer fields?

soccer ball Coaching techniques that introduce some fun into training and get the most out of your players' available time?

I offer the following:


soccer ball Training sessions

soccer ball Videotaping of individual players or games

soccer ball Coaching clinics

soccer ball Parent soccer education seminars

soccer ball Adult player training

soccer ball Team/individual evaluations

soccer ball Information related to players looking into playing college soccer

soccer ball Guest speakers for soccer banquets or soccer events

soccer ball Guest speakers for referee events






YMCA Soccer Camp



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